Press Release – Minister Williams Summons Petrojam’s Technical Team Amidst Fuel Concerns

Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Fayval Williams, has summoned Petrojam’s technical team today at noon following recent media reports of fuel concerns at the state owned oil refinery.

The Minister has been in communication with the Board Chairman, Paul Hoo, as well as Acting Manager, Refinery Optimization and Business Support at Petrojam, Telroy Morgan, instructing that the technical team be gathered for a meeting at the Ministry’s head office.

A full briefing on the issues is expected in order to gain understanding of the matters at hand.

Additionally, all entities that interact with the industry, and have responsibility to ensure the integrity of the product, will have review meetings within the next 24 hours.  Their reports will be submitted to their respective Ministers, copying Minister Williams. 

The Ministry is taking the necessary steps and will update the country of any and all findings as soon as they become available.

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