Current and Future Energy Investment Prospects

Jamaica’s energy security is a critical component of Vision 2030 as Jamaican economy is characterized by high energy intensity and low efficiency and is almost completely dependent on imported oil. The Ministry’s Policies, Programmes and Projects are aligned to the goals of the Vision 2030 and the strategies outlined in the National Energy Policy (NEP) 2009 are geared towards achieving the national energy strategies to diversify energy supply and promote energy efficiency and conservation. The Ministry welcomes ideas, proposals and investments which are aligned to Government’s objectives in the particular areas listed below:


  • Electricity
    • Renewable Energy Sources for the generation of electricity
      • Hydroelectric Power
      • Solar Photovoltaics
      • Wind Power
      • Renewable Energy and Storage
    • Net Billing
    • Liquefied Natural Gas
    • Energy from Waste
    • Rural Electrification Programmes
    • Demand Side Management


  • Transportation
    • Urban Traffic Management System
    • Electric Vehicles
    • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


  • Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation
    • Residential
    • Public
    • Commercial and Industrial
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