Policy, Planning, Development and Evaluation Division (PPDED)



The Policy, Planning, Development and Evaluation Division (PPDE) Division provides policy, planning, development and evaluation direction, oversight and support for the Ministry’s three (3) major portfolios. It is responsible for Policy development, preparing the Ministry’s Strategic and Operational Plans, preparing Cabinet Submissions and other Cabinet-related documents, coordinating the preparation of the Ministry Papers for annual sectoral presentations, and monitoring and evaluating the performance of the Ministry and its agencies.


The Division contains three units:

  • Corporate Planning and Performance Management Unit: responsible for preparing the strategic and operational plans of the Ministry, as well as, monitoring the performance of internal divisions and external agencies.
  • Policy Analysis Unit: lead the process of reviewing and analysing policy documents, as well as, providing recommendations for policy changes.
  • Research Unit: plays an integral role in providing evidence-based data that will inform policies, plans and strategies within the three portfolio areas.


  • The PPDED is guided by the Government of Jamaica’s guidelines for preparing strategic business plans and operational plans, in accordance with the Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System (PMES).
  • Strategic Business and Operational Plans are aligned to the National Development Plan: Vision 2030 and focus on the Ministry’s contribution towards achieving the GOJ’s Medium Term Strategic priority in pursuit of the Growth Agenda, the Medium Term Socio-Economic Policy Framework (MTF) and the GOJ Medium Term Priorities.
  • The Division also adheres to the Guidelines for Cabinet Submissions as issued by the Office of the Cabinet in order to prepare quality submissions to facilitate the decision-making process of the Cabinet.
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