Finance and Accounts Division


The Finance and Accounts Division supports the financial management and accounting services of the Ministry. The Division directs the Ministry’s budgetary process, manages its budgetary allocation, and ensures that the Ministry conforms to the requirements of the Financial Audit and Administration Act.


The Finance and Accounts Division supports the financial management and accounting services of the Ministry. The Division is comprised of three main sections Management Accounts, Final Accounts and Accounts Payable and Payroll. Among the primary functions of the Division are planning, executing, recording, analysing and reporting financial transactions to facilitate the implementation of the various programmes of the Ministry.

The FAD supports the Permanent Secretary in her exercise of oversight responsibility for the financial management of all departments and agencies within the Ministry’s portfolio.

Key Operational Areas

The FAD is broadly segmented into four functional areas being the Principal Finance Officer’s Office, Management Accounts, Final Accounts, Payables and Payroll.

Principal Finance Officer’s Office

Within the Principal Finance Officer’s Office are the functions of Financial Analyst and Manager, Financial Management Information System – FMIS. The function of the Financial Analyst includes reviewing the annual and other reports issued by the Ministry’s Departments and Agencies and preparation of monthly reports on the execution of the Ministry’s budget. The FMIS function ensures that users are provided with access to the accounting system and ensures that the integrity of the accounting system is maintained.

Management Accounts

The primary responsibility of this unit is to coordinate the Ministry’s annual and supplementary budget preparation, prepare annual cash flow, request receive and post monthly warrants. In addition, the Unit must also post all commitments.

Final Accounts

The primary function of this Unit involves posting all journal vouchers, reconciliation of the Ministry’s bank accounts, preparation and submission of the monthly and annual accounts.

 Accounts Payable and Payroll

The duties of this Unit include processing payments including procurement of foreign exchange, management of the Ministry’s disbursement and collections function and the execution of all functions relating to the Ministry’s payroll.

2019/2020 Budget

The 2019/2020 budget approved by the MoFPS which includes:

  • Recurrent – $6,055,399,000
  • Capital – $1,332,166,000

Change in Accounting System

The Integrated Financial Management System (iFMS) is being piloted at the Ministry. In this regard, the Ministry’s accounts have been migrated to the new web-enabled Central Treasury Management System (CTMS) platform with effect from Monday, January 14, 2019. Consequently the FINMAN is no longer being used to process transactions.

The Integrated Financial Management System (iFMS) is designed to integrate the functions of FinMan, Treasury Management Module (TMM), Central Treasury Management System (CTMS) and Central Payroll Processing System (CPPS). This allows users to log on to a single platform carry out all their duties.

The iFMS system is intended to provide a modern look and feel (browser access) to users. The environment is a consolidated one which will allow all data to be maintain in a central location which should amount to:

  • Better system control
  • Improved system support
  • Better user access control
  • Easier access to information
  • Timely reconciliation (Treasury vs MDA)

Additional Information

The following documents contains guidelines which govern the operations of the Finance and Accounts Division.

  1. MoFPS Circulars –
  2. Financial Administration and Audit (FAA) Act –
  3. Public Bodies Management and Accountability Act –
  4. Procurement Guidelines –
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