Energy Division (ED)

The role of the Energy Division is to provide advice on Policy, Legislative and Regulatory initiatives concerning the Jamaica Energy Sector for its strategic and orderly development in order to secure Jamaica’s energy future and facilitate requisite investments for the modernization of the sector.  Economic growth and job creation are inextricably linked to the achievement of the mandate given to the Ministry with portfolio responsibility for energy and so low energy prices, a diversified energy supply mix to support sustainable energy security and the development of the country’s energy resources.

The core areas of responsibilities include energy sector planning, development, monitoring and evaluation requires that the Division is the repository of energy sector data and statistics and more recently, with the promulgation of the Electricity Act, 2015 and the establishment of the Energy Licensing and Administration Office (ELAO), receives and process applications for licences and then issue such licenses to successful applicants. Hence interested persons can participate in the Jamaica energy sector transformation currently underway through mechanisms not limited to Net Billing, Power Wheeling, Auxiliary Connections as well as bulk power sales to the Single Buyer, Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) as Independent Power Producers (IPPs).

The National Energy Policy 2009-2030 places priority attention on the following seven areas, which mirror its seven goals, and to different degrees are captured in the draft addenda policies:

  1. Energy efficiency and conservation;
  2. Modernizing the country’s energy infrastructure;
  3. Development of renewable energy sources such as biomas, solar, hydro, wind, geothermal, ocean thermal resources and waste to energy;
  4. Security of energy supply through diversification of fuels as well as the development of renewables;
  5. Development of a comprehensive governance and regulatory framework;
  6. Enabling government entities to be models/leaders for the rest of society in terms of energy management; and
  7. Eco-efficiency in industries.

The National Energy Policy 2009-2030 identifies a mix of short-term to long-term

strategic directions and actions for all stakeholders within the economy. Many of

the elements and actions contained in the policy are currently being implemented

through various programmes and projects.

The primary objectives of the Energy Division is to provide direction on Policy, Legislative and Regulatory initiatives affecting the energy sector and the analysis of data to support the demand and supply on the oil market.


A modern, efficient, diversified and environmentally sustainable energy sector providing affordable and accessible energy supplies with long-term energy security and supported by informed public behaviour on energy issues and an appropriate policy, regulatory and institutional framework


To Secure Jamaica’s Energy Future, Advance Competitiveness and Promote Sustainable Prosperity


“Think Globally, Organize Regionally and Act Locally”

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