Corporate Services Division


The Corporate Services Division (CSD) provides support services to the Ministry through the development, implementation and administration of policies, procedures and systems to ensure the effective management and development of Human Resource and the effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of support services. Our strategic objective is to build and sustain effective Corporate Services systems that facilitate knowledge management and efficient processes that are geared towards improving and supporting high performance in the execution of the Ministry’s policies, programmes and projects.

The vision of the CSD is to be “recognized as a trusted resource, partner, leader and innovator in support of the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology’s (MSET) employees and stakeholders”.

The CSD is committed to working strategically with the Ministry and its Divisions in identifying and proactively responding to their changing needs by:

  • Providing reliable information technology services to support, promote and develop staff’s skills;
  • Promoting efficient records management and access to information practices to ensure accuracy and integrity of information;
  • Promoting a safe, secure and comfortable work environment;
  • Facilitating a reliable and innovative framework for internal and external communication and service delivery;
  • Encouraging health and wellness behaviours and lifestyle programmes;
  • Facilitating staff learning and development initiatives and interactions in portfolio areas;
  • Fostering and practicing efficient customer-responsiveness, excellent employee relations, staff empowerment, personal and team performance through internal consultation and decision making; and
  • Facilitating the development of an organizational framework that thrives on effective manpower management and a performance based culture.


The Division consists of five (5) Branches and currently has a staff complement of forty-five (45). The Branches are as follows:

Administration (AB)

The Administration Branch is responsible for ensuring the efficient management of office services within the Ministry, ensuring that transport and general office infrastructures and services are optimally utilised and provided in keeping with stipulated guidelines and regulations.

Communications and Public Relations Unit (CPRU)

The Communications and Public Relations Unit (CPRU) develops, coordinates and manages the Ministry’s Communication Programme and is responsible for disseminating information to the various publics that interface with the Ministry. The Division is also tasked with coordinating information requirements and outputs of the Ministry.

Information Systems (IS/IT)

The Information Systems Branch is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of information technology infrastructure and management systems to support the mandate of the Ministry.

Documentation, Information and Access Services (DIAS)

The DIAS is responsible for the administration, management, planning, organizing, and development of systems and procedures in relation to Records and Information Management and the Access to Information Act, as well as, the Library and Registry.

 Procurement (PB)

The Procurement Branch is responsible for ensuring that goods and services required by the Ministry are procured, managed and delivered as requested in accordance with the Government of Jamaica Public Procurement Act 2015 and Regulations.

 Human Resource Management & Development (HRMD)

The HRMD Branch is responsible for the effective management and administration of human resource, human resource functions, services, and policies in accordance with the Public Service Regulations, Staff Orders and other regulations/guidelines. There are four (4) distinct organizational units for proper coordination and optimum output in the Branch. These are:

Organizational Development & Performance Monitoring (OD) Unit

The OD Unit is responsible for Organizational Reviews/Reengineering/Restructuring ensuring the alignment of the Ministry’s structure to meet its mandate and is responsible for the effective management of the Performance Management and Appraisal System (PMAS).

Human Resource Management (HRM) Unit

HRM is responsible for the planning, organizing, directing and the administration of recruitment and selection, leave, records management and staffing functions to ensure that the relevant Government policies and guidelines are complied with and the Ministry is provided with qualified, competent human resources.

Employee Relations & Welfare Unit (ER)

The ER Unit manages Discipline and Grievance procedures and seeks to promote and enhance a harmonious industrial relations climate in the Ministry. The Unit is also responsible for pension administration, benefits administration and development of welfare, health and safety programmes geared towards motivating and developing staff.

Human Resource Development (HRD) Unit

The HRD manages all the functions and general operations of the Training and Development Portfolio of the Ministry. This includes the planning and conducting of Training Needs Analysis (TNA), the development and maintenance of training activities within Units and the delivery of training to the Ministry’s staff.


 The CSD Branch Heads are as follows:

No. Name Post
1. Director, Human Resource Management & Development
2. Mrs. Temar Roache Lewis Director, Documentation, Information and Access Services
3. Mrs. Olive Wilson Cross Director, Programme Management
4. Director, Information Systems
5. Mrs. Marvia Russel-Nichol Director, Administration
6. Director, Communications and Public Relations Unit
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