To develop science, energy and technology policies that Fuel Growth.


To create an environment, through policy development and a progressive legislative framework, that facilitates investment, creates jobs and meaningfully improves the well-being of each Jamaican.


The MSET is currently mandated to:

  • Encourage private sector innovation in the science, technology and energy;
  • Lead legal and regulatory reform of the electricity and gas sectors;
  • Improve national energy efficiency and conservation;
  • Increase the percentage of electricity generation from renewable sources, thereby reducing dependence on imported fuels and increasing Jamaica’s energy security;
  • Create a single ICT regulator;
  • Streamline Government ICT operations (GovNet);
  • Make access to Government services more convenient and efficient using ICTs (e-Gov);
  • Draft legislation to facilitate competitiveness in ICT;
  • Promote the use of free and open source software in Government; and
  • Increase the access to and usage of ICT through the “Tablets in Schools” programme.
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