Project Manager and Control Support Consultancy

To be accountable for the preparation, monitoring and management control plan for the EMEP.
To lead the delivery, development, drafting and review of request for proposals and final contracts.
To ensure the complete resourcing of the PEU as outlined in the EMEP and the management of PEU consultants.
To register and monitor control indicators specified in the Loan’s Agreements and on the Operational Manual.
To update, if necessary, the indicators for the evaluation of impact and execution progress and for ex-post evaluation of the project.
To follow up and monitor regular activities of the PEU.

Business Impact Lead

Interpret agreed business processes developed in conjunction with the Implementation Consultant.
Consult with the management representatives of the various legacy teams to identify gaps in the existing business processes vis-à-vis the agreed business processes.
These legacy teams will include the ICT Units within the Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) of the GOJ, eGov Jamaica Limited, and the Office of the CIO.
Evaluate current workflows/business processes to determine areas for improvement to support increased efficiency.
Facilitate workshops to identify business people impacts in each business, supported by the HR Lead.

Change Management Specialist

The scope of work for this assignment involves the following components:

The Consultant will develop and implement a definitive framework and road map for the change management process with applicable gateways and timelines commensurate with the anticipated impacts of proposed organizational changes.
The Consultant will review all previous documentation on the status and perception of ICT and develop a critical assessment of the “As Is” working environment of ICT in the GOJ.
The consultant in concert with the Office of the CIO will develop and implement a plan to deal with the critical and likely controversial transformation elements affecting the

Communications Lead

The Communications Lead will be expected to:
Conduct a SWOT analysis of the elements of the communication function (People, Structure and Communication Tools), and conduct a critical assessment of the “As Is” working environment of the legacy entities so as to inform the communication strategy going forward;
Use results from the readiness assessment survey within eGov to determine what strategies would be effective in communicating with stakeholders as well as guiding the change management strategy to be employed.

Communication Specialist

The Communications Specialist will design, plan and manage the Ministry's Communication and
Public Relations Portfolio and also provide support to the communication needs of internal
Projects/Programmes particularly the internal and external communications, public and media
relations, events coordination and crisis communication.

Chief Technical Director

In order to meet the goals of the National Energy Policy and related Government of Jamaica
(GoJ) policies and programmes, the Chief Technical Director (CTD) is responsible for
developing technical standards and procedures, provide technical guidance, policy advice and
effective monitoring of the technical matters for which the Ministry has responsibility in
keeping with the mandate to develop the country’s energy resources as well as to address
related crises

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