Government Electrical Inspectorate (GEI)

Government Electrical Inspectorate (GEI)

The Electricity Division has the twin role of inspection and certification of electrical installation throughout the island in accordance with the Electric Lighting Law, and secondly, to inspect petroleum facilities, tanker wagons and their parking garages in accordance with various petroleum laws, including the petroleum land and storage Act.

We are a network of licensed electricians operating across Jamaica, offering electrical services at competitive prices . These services include residential, commercial, industrial wiring/installation; which involve construction, renovation and maintenance.

In recent times there has been, an increase in demand for competent, qualified electricians; this is due to a number of persons seeking to get, connect to the grid. The increase use of renewable (solar) energy; and energy management / audit on a lot of facilities, the services of licensed electrician has become indispensable.

The electrical sector in Jamaica is regulated for public health and safety .The electrical lighting act and the relevant regulations and building codes, provide the standard by which all electrical work must be undertaken. Our network of electricians, always strive to adhere to these guidelines.

Our network of licensed electricians are currently training and supervising apprentice electricians to help with the development of Jamaica. We collaborate with other stake holders and practitioners for the adherence of local and international standards ; with best practices.

Licensed electricians in our network have worked in the major sectors in Jamaica, which include construction, bauxite/mining, power generation and renewable energy. our academic qualification is on par with other professions; which ranges from technical/vocational level to tertiary level.

Our ultimate goal is to provide good electrical work of high quality which is safe and code compliant; assist with the training and personal development of aspiring electricians. we believe a well trained and educated work force will be the vehicle ,which will spur the development which this country desperately needs.

Global warming and climate change are major challenges facing our nation; we must come together to reduce this carbon footprint .renewable energy, smart technology ,good energy management; will have to play pivotal roles for the future of our country.

Mission Statement

To ensure the practical safeguarding of persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity and petroleum products through an orderly system of audits, inspections and certification.

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