October 15, 2021, Last Day To Apply To The Government Electrical Inspectorate (GEI) for Electrical Inspections

Government Electrical Inspectorate (GEI)

Friday, October 15, 2021 will be the last day that the Government Electrical Inspectorate (GEI) will accept applications for the inspection of electrical works.  However, the entity will continue to carry out inspections of electrical works based on applications that have been submitted up to the close of business day Friday, October 15, 2021.

The cessation of applications is to allow for the GEI to complete the processing of all applications already in-house and for the government to assume the new role as regulator based on The Electricity Act, 2015. A new entity, the Government Electrical Regulator (GER) becomes fully operational November 01, 2021. It is mandated to regulate the electrical installation and inspection processes, register Electricians, enroll Technical Electrical Assistants, license Electrical Inspectors and ensure safe electrical installations throughout the island. The public is being advised that the government will not be carrying out inspections under the new regime.

Persons wishing to carry out electrical works in respect of the wiring of homes, developments and businesses will be required to engage a Registered Electrician in the appropriate Category as well as a Licensed Private Electrical Inspector in the required Class from the GER Portal effective November 01, 2021.

The GEI will not be rescheduling inspections in instances where electricians are unavailable for scheduled inspections and will refer customers to apply under the new system.  Also, installations that are found to be unsatisfactory must be submitted under the new system.

Stakeholders were advised recently during two days of consultations on the GER of the impending announcement of a cutoff date for the receipt of applications for inspections by the GEI.



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Principal Director, Corporate Services Division

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