SECTORAL PRESENTATION 2020/2021 by Hon. Fayval Williams, MP

MSET Sectoral Presentation 2020/2021

A Year of Achievement and Change

Mr. Speaker:

The fiscal year 2019/2020 was a year of achievement and change for the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology. We made significant progress in several areas across the three portfolios in keeping with the commitments that I made in this Honourable House in my Sectoral Presentation last year. These achievements have positioned us to support the country’s pursuit of a decade of development to 2030 and to anchor our peace, prosperity and resilience. For this to be a reality we must begin to imagine a new Jamaica, one in which:

• All citizens have a bank account

• All citizens have affordable access to the internet

• All citizens have a payment method other than cash

• And all citizens have a strong national ID

On the part of businesses, we must begin to imagine a new Jamaica in which:

• All businesses are e-commerce enabled and have access to easy to use payment and fulfilment platforms

• We have a successful and respected app development industry

• As Jamaicans, we have a mindset, a culture, of digitisation to enable us to move with light speed towards that New Jamaica and Government + business + civil society are of one mind on this. Our ‘go digital’ strategy was conceived to enable the development of the digital mindset.

Mr. Speaker, with an aggressive ICT strategy coupled with the right execution, Jamaica can achieve relatively the same success as our global peers. I firmly believe this and I am doing my part to create this New Jamaica.

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