Press Release – Data Protection Bill seeks to protect personal data

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Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Hon. Fayval Williams has hailed the tabling of the Data Protection Bill in Parliament as a significant move in protecting the personal data of all Jamaicans.

Speaking in the House of Representatives recently, Minister Williams said “as data is considered the “new gold,” the passing of this Bill is critical to the Government’s attempt to delineate the rights of individuals in relation to the processing of their personal and sensitive personal data; and to establish the parameters within which their data should be processed by data controllers in both the private and public sectors.”

Minister Williams also reiterated the importance of this legislation to further fortify the fundamental right to privacy for all citizens.

“Modern jurisprudence has long recognised that simply providing and protecting the right to privacy is not sufficient to adequately safeguard such a right and hence there emanated the need for legislation to treat with the protection of personal data and information concerning persons.”

The Data Protection Bill seeks to:

  • safeguard personal and sensitive personal information when processed by data controllers, subject to justifiable limitations;
  • delineate the rights of the individual; and
  • establish limitations concerning the processing of personal and sensitive personal information.

Data Protection Act 2020

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Data Protection Bill Tabled in Parliament

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