Press Release – Cabinet Approves Re-Establishment of Jamaica Energy Council

On Monday, June 24, 2019, Cabinet gave approval for the re-establishment of the national decision-making body to see to the continuity of policy and sustainable development of the island’s energy sector.

The Council aims to facilitate consensus and minimize the negative influence of partisan and other forms of special interest groups and individuals on the energy sector.

The body will be chaired by Minister of Science, Energy and Technology and comprise representatives of the following entities:

  1. Opposition Spokesman on Energy;
  2. Consumer Affairs Commission;
  3. Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation;
  4. Ministry of Finance and the Public Service;
  5. Ministry of Transport and Mining;
  6. Ministry of Local Government and Community Development;
  7. Planning Institute of Jamaica;
  8. Jamaica Public Service Company Limited;
  9. Jamaica Solar Energy Association;
  10. Jamaica Gasoline Retailers’ Association;
  11. Jamaica Promotions Corporation;
  12. Development Bank of Jamaica;
  13. Private Sector Organizations of Jamaica;
  14. Jamaica Chamber of Commerce;
  15. Jamaica Institute of Engineers;
  16. Jamaican Institute of Architects;
  17. Bureau of Standards, Jamaica; and
  18. Academia.

The JEC was initially established by a decision of Cabinet on March 12, 2012.

It is supported by the National Energy Policy 2009-2030 which provides the
framework to pursue a comprehensive program for improving our island’s energy
efficiency, facilitate fuel source diversification and long term energy


Additional Information

The JEC will focus on energy conservation and efficiency as well as the development of clean and renewable energy sources.

The following subject areas stand as some of the main areas of focus under the purview of the JEC:

  • Energy Policies;
  • Energy Conservation and Efficiency and Public Education;
  • Electricity (Light and Power);
  • Development of Energy Resources;
  • Renewable energy resources, including but not limited to solar, wind, hydro, waste to energy, biomass, geothermal and ocean thermal energy sources;
  • Alternative energy resources, including but not limited to natural gas; and
  • Conventional Energy Resources, including but not limited to petroleum.
  • Oil and Gas Exploration;
  • Petroleum Refinery Haulage, Storage and Distribution;
  • Energy Access (Urban and Rural Electrification); and
  • Governance Framework for the Energy Sector towards achieving the Energy Policy goals.

Communications/Public Relations Division
Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology
Office: (876)929-8990-4

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