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Rural Electrification Programme (REP)



To fulfill the mandate of providing 100% rural electrification for Jamaicans, regularization of urban electrification and diversification of our Engineering Services.


To contribute to the nation's economic growth and development by providing affordable access to electricity supply and by regularizing urban electrification.



The Rural Electrification Programme Limited aims to:

  • Facilitate electrification expansion in rural communities in order to enhance productivity, comfort, safety, health and economic development.
  • Facilitate Pole Line Design and Implementation for Government and Private Sector strategic partners.
  • Contribute to the regularization of electricity supply particularly in inner city communities under the JPS Loss Reduction Programme.
  • Strategically position itself to implement renewable technology as a part of its thrust to facilitate the expansion of electricity supply to residents in rural and other communities.
  • Collaborate with industry stakeholders for the implementation of energy audits.
  • Participate with other government agencies for the provision of electrical infrastructure for the implementation of major housing developments that will be more affordable to beneficiaries.



The Rural Electrification Programme (REP) was incorporated in 1975 with the specific mandate to expand the reach of electricity supply to rural areas, where the provision of such services would not be economically viable for commercial providers of electricity. The foregoing mandate requires that the REP constructs electrical distribution pole line and then offer house wiring services to house holders in the respective communities. The offices of the REP are located at 113 Washington Boulevard.


The REP since its inception has implemented over 3,000 Km of pole line electricity distribution and has facilitated the wiring of over 50,000 houses.

The REP works closely with the JPS in having certified pole line extensions electrified.  It collaborates also with the JPS in the recovery of house wiring loans to customers in rural communities and regularizing electrification under the JPS Loss Reduction Programme.


The REP in late 2013 will seek to rebrand itself as the National Energy Solutions Limited - a diversified energy solutions company. Under this rebranding exercise, the REP will have a clearer more proactive mandate aimed at moving Jamaica closer to national energy security by precipitating the adoption of renewable energy implementation by public and private sector stakeholders.


Additionally, the REP will position itself as the lead government agency with the responsibility to drive the implementation of energy conservation strategies and systems within the public and private sectors.


Corporate Data

Board of Directors

Dr. Garnett Roper - Chairman
Mr. Wesley Saulter – Deputy Chairman
Mr. Cordinal Beckford

Ms. Karen Cross

Mr. Derrick Dunn

Mr. Rohan Kiffin

Mrs. Camielle Michael Patterson

Mr. Donovan Mitchell

Mr. Michael Parker

Mr. Richard Rowe

Mr. Claude Stewart
Ms. Marsha Smikle

Dr. Stacy-Ann Wilson

Ms. Geraldine Wright

Mrs. Sharon Usim – Company Secretary

Mr. Garfield Daley - General Manager



Phone numbers:     876-933-0631



Fax numbers:          876-765-0746



Email address:        admin@rep.gov.jm