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Petrojam Moves to Assure the Integrity of Its Gasoline Supplies

With recent reports in the media of contaminated gas in the petrol station distribution network, Petrojam Limited is assuring the public that the gasoline supplied by the refinery to marketing companies meets the Government of Jamaica’s Petroleum Quality Control Act and its regulations.

This statement follows reports that high unwashed gum content, which exceeded prescribed levels, was detected at the 87 and 90 pumps at the Montego Bay Industrial Loading Rack (MILR) last Thursday (December 31).

General Manager of Petrojam, Howard Mollison explained that last Thursday, Petrojam was issued a Stop Order by the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) to cease sales of motor gasoline from the Montego Bay Loading Rack, pending completion of their investigation into the alleged high unwashed gum content in fuel taken from two tanker wagons at the facility.

“I wish to highlight that Petrojam is not exempt from the requirements of the laws of Jamaica and as such we complied with the Stop Order. We however contested the Order on the grounds that the samples were not taken from Petrojam source tanks, but from the two tanker wagons that were previously loaded at the Rack and afterwards manually additized by the petroleum marketing company,” Mr. Mollison noted.

On completion of their investigation, there were no adverse findings and the Stop Order was withdrawn,” he added.

The Petrojam GM reiterated that the company’s certification protocols are in accordance with GOJ’s requirements and international industry best practices- the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM).


Contact: Latoya Pennant