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National Commission on Science and Technology

National Commission on Science and Technology (NCST): Instituted in 1993, the NCST is mandated to enable the society to maximize the benefits to be gained from the strategic uses of science and technology applicable to the national, social and economic developmental goals of Jamaica.

Chaired by the Prime Minister, the Commission envisions that by 2015, the culture of science and technology will be widespread across the country and be utilized to maintain food security, to enhance agricultural practices, for natural resources exploitation, a profitable and competitive business environment, wealth creation and education of the populace to be scientifically and technologically capable and competent. To accomplish these undertakings, the NCST collaborates and dialogues with members from the academia, the private and public sectors to coordinate monitor and implement science and technology policies that will drive the country’s developmental.

Acting as an advisory body to the Government, the NCST uses its secretariat/steering committee to guide research, provide science and technology policy advice and information, and the organization of resources of the scientific community to improve the lives of Jamaicans.