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Ministry Paper on e-Learning Project-May 20, 2005

Purpose of Submission
The purpose of this Ministry Paper is to provide information on a proposed e-Learning
Project which is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Commerce, Science and Technology
(MCST) and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture (MOEYC).


Project Justification
The MCST has made significant strides in the de-monopolization of the
telecommunications sector. The position of the MCST is that the country has achieved
practical universal access with respect to voice telephony. The country now has a
penetration of approximately eighty two percent (82%). Hence, the MCST does not
intend to pursue any new initiative at this time with respect to increasing the access to
voice telephony. The MCST is of the view that the companies are actively building out
their networks and areas which are inadequately served will have improved service in
due course.