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Current Electricity Generation Investments

Jamaica Public Service Company

Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) owns about 14,000 kilometers of transmission and distribution lines that make up the national electricity grid. This includes 400 kilometers of 138 kilovolt (kV) lines and almost 800 kilometers of 69kV lines. The company has twelve 138/69 kV interbus transformers with a total capacity of 798 megavolt amperes (MVA), as well as 54 substation transformers with a total capacity of 1,026 MVA that transmit power from transmission lines to Jamaica’s 24 kV, 13.8 kV, and 12 kV distribution lines.


JPS produces electricity using steam (oil-fired), combustion gas turbines, combined cycle, diesel, hydroelectric, and wind which allow for a generation capacity in excess of 629 Megawatts. JPS also purchases additional electricity close to 297 MW from Independent Power Producers (IPPs) such as Jamaica Energy Partners (JEP), Jamaica Private Power Company (JPPC), Jamalco, and Wigton Wind Farm.  The grid currently provides electricity access to approximately 97% of Jamaican households.


Jamaica Energy Partners (JEP)

Jamaica Energy Partners is an Independent Power Provider that began commercial operations in October 1995, through its ownership of the Doctor Bird Power Plant. This Plant encompasses the company's production facilities and is located at Old Harbour Bay, in the parish of St. Catherine. 


Jamaica Private Power Company Ltd

Jamaica Private Power Company Ltd. is a power generation company.  As of October 30, 2007, Jamaica Private Power Co. Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Inkia Energy Limited.  JPPC owns and operates two 29.8MW slow speed diesel generation units, two heat recovery steam generators, and a 4.2 MW steam turbine generator at a plant located in Kingston, Jamaica. The plant achieved Commercial Operations on January 6, 1998.  Jamaica Private Power has entered into a 20-year PPA with Jamaica Public Services Company, or JPSC, under which JPSC has agreed to purchase all of Jamaica Private Power’s capacity and electricity production. This PPA expires in January 2018.  JPPC represents over 20% of the power needs of Kingston and also provides power to the eastern half of the island.